In March 2014, based on the integration of the former Student Administrative Department, Student Affairs Office, Alumni Affairs Office, the Communist Youth League and other departments, the Student Affairs Committee of NAU is set up.

    Target of Student Affairs Committee is to provide services for the development of students, the mission is to promote the innovation of student management system and education model.

    Under the direction of Student Affairs Committee, Runyuan College, Zeyuan College, Chengyuan College, Qinyuan College are four community schools in NAU, it focus on the general education and promote the overall development of students.

    Commissioned by the university, the Student Affairs Committee mainly carries the following functions:

    1. Responsible for the development of student affairs work plan, organization, implementation, assessment, appraisal and other related work; responsible for the development and revision of student management related rules and regulations, and organize the implementation.

    2. Responsible for coordinating the relevant work of the College, including running, general education curriculum organization, assessment and so on.

    3. Responsible for the school students ideological and political education work such as planning, research, organization, implementation; organization of student education and management: freshmen entrance education; moral, intellectual, physical evaluation of undergraduates; scholarship assessment and management; selection and recognition of outstanding groups and individuals; organization and management of work-study, national student loans, subsidies and other activities to help the students from economically disadvantaged Families; treatment and education of students violating discipline.

    4. Responsible for the development and approval of enrollment plan, as well as finishing the enrollment publicity, admission and other work.

    5. Responsible for student graduation dispatch work. Carry out career guidance for graduates and counseling activities on career policy and skills. Meanwhile, it organizes “two-way choice” meeting for graduates to reinforce employment guidance, and also shoulders the signing, collection, reporting and other work of agreements.

    6. Responsible for the training, assessment, appraisal, recognition of school counselors and fully mobilizing the work initiative and enthusiasm of them.

    7. Responsible for grasping the education, census, prevention and control work of students’ mental health.

    8. Complete the work assigned by the university.

    Student Affairs Committee currently consists of Administrative Office, Student Education Development Center, Financial Aid Center, Undergraduate Admissions and Employment Affairs Center, Mental Health Education and Psychological Counseling Center and Learning Support Center.